Ranneeti Balakot & Beyond Review: 'Tejas', 'Fighter', 'Operation Valentine' and now 'Ranneeti', story same, thinking also same

In the fast-paced life of the twenty-first century, is any new millennial youth ready to give up the allure of Instagram, Reddit, and Chat GPT and spend about seven hours watching a web series? The answer can be found in Guy Ritchie's web series 'The Gentlemen' airing on Netflix these days. Blue-colored stories have almost stopped being made all over the world. The era of basing incidents based on reality is in full swing. And, the mumbai film industry has beaten the patriotism rut of its own making so many times in the last five years that now the viewer makes up his mind as soon as he sees the trailer, whether to watch the series or not. The biggest problem with jio Cinema's new offering 'Strategy-Balakot and Beyond' is that it is stepping on the same ground of story like 'Tejas', 'Fighter', and 'Operation Valentine', where landmines of audience's expectations are laid at every step. Are laid.

Attempt to copy Himmat Singh

There is also a raw agent here with a getup similar to actor kk Menon, who became a raw agent in director Neeraj Pandey's series Special Ops'. Starting with the very clichéd joke of the last century about the dentist repeatedly asking to widen the mouth, and then asking the patient whether he will pull out the tooth while sitting in the mouth, this entire series is no less than a joke in itself. The hero of the series is still nursing the wounds of an old 'operation'. And, spending most of his time reading film scripts. The character is a bit filmy and the story of this series is similar to those films which were made on the Balakot airstrike after the actions of terrorists in Pulwama. Now if any one writer is unable to take such a story across the world and bring it to the point, then here veterans like Rameez Ilham Khan, Maitreyi Bajpayee, Sanjay Chopra, sudeep Nigam and Anirudh Guha have taken over the war room of the story. You know the story, they have to write the script between these lines, you can understand the result, what is going to happen?

The series could not even go beyond 'Beyond'

The main attraction of watching the web series 'Strategy-Balakot and Beyond' has been the presence of jimmy shergill and lara dutta in it. jimmy shergill has tried his best to be Himmat Singh here, but all his acting falls short in making Kashyap a charming raw agent because the story seems familiar and familiar. The story takes a winding and long route from india to Pakistan. And, Ashutosh Rana is seen on screen in slow motion wearing a long overcoat. When the villain's entry on screen is done by running the camera at a speed of 48 frames per second instead of his terror, it immediately becomes clear that the director does not have much tantra mantra to establish the matter. director Santosh Singh has no stake in the story, script, or dialogues, so whatever he got, he cooked and served it through the camera.

Jimmy Shergill is getting stuck in a dilemma

Jimmy Shergill has been an amazing actor. Like many other artists, his days are many in the era of OTT, but the year 2024 is going to be a decisive year for OTT. All the OTTs are going to merge and after this, the ocean of immense money coming from these OTTs is also going to shrink. Instead of counting the quantity of entertainment content, the audience has started counting its quality and amidst this wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital fatigue, working in a series like 'Strategy-Balakot and Beyond' must have been no less challenging for jimmy Shergill. The second season of the series is unlikely to be made, hence Jimmy, who has been wearing a different kind of sadness on his face throughout the series, smiling at the end is not able to save it. lara dutta has had her charm. There is nothing like the bold manner in which director Ruchi Narayan introduced him in the web series 'Hundred', but his presence brightens the story to some extent.

Hopes tied to Ashutosh were also shattered

The actor who has disappointed the most in the web series 'Strategy-Balakot and Beyond' is actor Ashutosh Rana. Yash Raj Films Spy Universe gave him a chance to write the next chapter of acting. But now there are reports of Anil Kapoor's arrival there too. So, Ashutosh is again in the garb of dark characters. The only problem is that his image created on social media does not allow this character to blossom here. ashish Vidyarthi's acting is well donenothing much can be expected from him. prasanna tries to impress. The hindi belt audience will continue to expect better characters from him in the times to come.

Satisfactory performance of Santosh Singh

Director Santosh Singh has nothing new to show here. He should have emphasized the human emotions of the characters, but there he has failed. His direction, which has a limited format, does not make the same effort to delve deeply into the lives of the actors as neeraj pandey did for the character of Himmat Singh. Still, their hard work can be given passing marks. Looking at the work of the special effects team of the series 'Strategy-Balakot and Beyond', it seems that they have exactly lifted the computer-generated scenes of fighter jets made for 'Tejas', 'Fighter' and 'Operation Valentine'. The background music of the series appears to be made from a stock collection. If there is something worth noticing in this series, it is the english spelling of the names of its creators.

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