Vanitha vijayakumar joined hands with ex-boyfriend Robert!

Jovica got an important task.!

A new information has come out that Vanitha vijayakumar has paired up with choreographer Robert in a new film.

Vanitha Vijayakumar

Although Vanitha vijayakumar acted opposite Thalapathy Vijay in her first film, her film career did not take off. Enni acted in only 5 films and tied the knot from the film industry at the age of 18.

After the separation of her husband, akash and Anand, Vanitha produced a film with choreographer Robert as the hero. Vanitha herself also played the heroine in this film named as 'MGR shivaji Rajini Kamal'.

But the film flopped with poor reviews. It was said that Vanitha and Robert were in a live-in relationship while acting together in this film. Robert created a sensation by tattooing Vanitha's name. Then both of them started traveling on their way saying that everything is for film promotion and there is nothing between us.

After the bigg boss show, their affair was much talked about again, and then it got quiet. Now Vanitha vijayakumar and Robert have teamed up again for 'Mr and Mrs'. In this film, srikanth and Shakila are playing Vanita's father and mother, while Premji and sunil are playing the main characters.

Vanitha's daughter Jovica is said to be doing an important role in the production of the film. An Australian businessman is going to produce this film. He is said to be a close friend of Vanitha Vijayakumar.

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