Do you know who that kid is? This is the reason Reddin married Kingsley!

An open mind Sangeeta!

Actor Redin Kingsley got married to famous serial actress Sangeeta last year, Sangeeta has given a quality response to various criticisms spread on social media.

Redin Kingili became popular in tamil cinema in a very short time with his unique body language. The 47-year-old married serial actress sangeetha on december 10 last year. When this photo was published, many people thought it was a shooting wedding, but later it was revealed that the two had been in love for many years and then got married in a simple way.

This is Sangeeta's second marriage while this is her first marriage to actor Redin Kingsley. While Sangeeta was already married to krish in 2009, the two later divorced due to differences. Sangeeta also has a daughter Shivaya.

Living with her parents after the divorce, Sangeeta's friendship with Redin Kingli eventually turned into love for Sangeeta, who focused on films and serials. It was only after two years that Sangeeta said OK to love Redin Kingsley. Then both of them decided to get married in a simple way... their marriage was completed in a temple in Mysore.

Only the immediate family members of the two attended. After marriage, Sangeeta continued to face various criticisms. One of the important ones is the age of the two. Similarly, there were many reports that Sangeeta married Redin Kingsley for his money.

He was the first contestant to tie the knot in the fastest time on Cook with Clown! He posted the record!

In this case, in a recent interview, Sangeeta has responded to such criticisms. Many times I have answered the question raised about the publication of a photo of Sangeeta's daughter on social media. That it is not my child. He said it was my sister's child.

When the question about late marriage was presented... "There are many comments asking if marriage is necessary at this age. Mentally, I am only 18 years old. He is 22 years old. We will talk like that. people here cannot understand this. For this reason, can both of them go abroad and settle down?" He expressed his opinion that it will also appear.

Also talking about saying that she married Redin Kingsley for money, Sangeeta said, "I am not a woman without anything." There is no explanation for all of this. What attracted me to him was his warmth. This is the reason why I married him.

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