Of course, we previously revealed that mumbai girl Kavya Thapar, known for films such as Ek mini Katha and the recent telugu film Ooru peru Bhairavakona, will play the lead in puri jagan and ram Pothineni's upcoming film "Double Ismart," a continuation of the ismart shankar characterisation. However, many people were surprised when they saw this attractive lady in the movie's teaser. I wonder why?

During the early stages of Double Ismart, it was reported that puri jagan was in mumbai looking for a bollywood actress to play the heroine. There were reports back then that sara ali khan and other young bollywood stars were being considered. However, there is no mention of heroine later on, and the creators have kept the name of heroine a secret.

Despite Kavya Thapar's statement during the Bhairavakona promotions, the Double Ismart team made no remark on it. Finally, when Kavya was revealed in the teaser the other day, many people asked why Kolaveri had kept her identity hidden for so long, as if it was intended to surprise the public big time.
 Puri jagan, on the other hand, is always looking for and introducing new women, and Rakshitha and anushka are among his favourite discoveries. Many people asked why the star director chose kavya thapar when he could have cast a fresh starlet or a bollywood big star instead.


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