While filming Thug Life, starring kamal haasan, malayalam actor Joju George had an accident on the puducherry set. The actor has started to worry about a stunt collection when he had to jump out of a helicopter and resulted in an accident. Joju George had to leap out of a helicopter with co-actor nassar after he slipped and fell, breaking his left foot, according to Manorama. He quickly changed into an appropriate attire and hurried to the medical centre out of curiosity.
Reviews indicate that Joju chose to continue snapping photos in puducherry even though the physicians had advised him to take a week off from sleeping on a mattress. This passion demonstrates his commitment to the endeavour despite the difficult circumstances brought on by his injury. aishwarya Lekshmi, Joju George, Abhirami, nassar, silambarasan TR, and many more actors play important parts in the ensemble cast of the film. In addition, kamal haasan and mani ratnam reunite in the movie since the 1987 release of their beloved blockbuster Nayakan. We're waiting for further information on this.

George went back to kochi to recover after his treatment. He must take several weeks off due to the injury, which will affect his immediate shooting schedule. The filming of Thug Life, which stars well-known performers like kamal haasan, will go on in spite of this delay. social media users have been circulating a photo of Joju George using a stick while walking at the kochi airport.

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