Now Nikhil patel will not be able to throw away Daljeet Kaur's belongings, the actress took this strict step

Dalljiet Kaur Divorce: Dalljiet Kaur is ready to fight a legal battle against her estranged husband. Nikhil had sent a legal notice to Dalljiet, and now the actress has got a stay order from the court.

Daljeet Kaur Husband: TV actress Daljeet Kaur's married life is in the news these days. The actress has separated from her husband just 8 months after marriage. In the year 2023, Daljeet Kaur married Kenyan businessman Nikhil patel, but after a few months of marriage, their relationship started to deteriorate. Daljeet Kaur accused her husband Nikhil Patel of cheating on her and having an extramarital affair. 

Nikhil patel had denied all these allegations of Daljit Kaur. Nikhil had even said that his and Daljit's marriage was done according to Hindu customs and it was not legally registered. Some time ago, Nikhil patel sent a notice to Daljit Kaur and asked her to take all her belongings from Kenya. He had said that Daljit should take all her belongings or else he would donate them. Now Daljit has filed a case against him in the court of Kenya.

Daljeet Kaur has returned from kenya and has given an update that Nikhil cannot take out her belongings. He has taken a stay on it from the Kenyan court. This is the beginning of a new battle for Daljeet and it seems that now the actress is fully prepared for it. Along with this, the actress posted a story on social media and wrote - 'We believed everything you people said, whatever you told us, we even believed that your old parents folded their hands in front of my parents.'

Further, the actress wrote- 'But now we don't need any sympathy from you people. I am born to fight. Whatever Nikhil patel did is very shameful.' Let us tell you that before this, Daljeet Kaur was married to tv actor Shalin Bhanot in the year 2009. The actress had to face domestic abuse in her first marriage. Daljeet had accused Shalin Bhanot of domestic violence and the couple got divorced in the year 2015.

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