Prabhas Magic... 'Kalki' Ticket Rate in hyderabad @ Rs. 3 thousand... !

- In mumbai Rs. 2 thousand.. hyderabad first show in block Rs. 3 thousand

- In Bangalore Rs. 1100 - Rs. 1400

(Tollywood - india Herald)

Tollywood young rebel star prabhas starrer kalki will hit the theaters in a couple of days. Now it's not me all over the country.. kalki mania in two telugu states.. prabhas Raju's magic has already started. Special show planning is already going on in both the telugu states. On the first day in Telangana, all theaters got permission to put on 6 shows. The government has also given permission to increase the ticket rates there. There are multiple flexes Rs. 100, and in single screens Rs. 75 on any ticket with an option to increase.

According to the increased rates, in AMB Mall, the luxury ticket rate is Rs. 500.. in the rest of the multiplexes also Rs. 430 to Rs. 470 up to But in hyderabad, permission has been received in many places for shows at 5 am. Here, special shows and benefit shows in key theaters cost Rs. Tickets up to 3 thousand are sold in black. In the past only the prabhas Baahubali series movies were priced in this range.

And in mumbai minus PVR, each ticket rate is officially Rs. 2 Fingers crossed. In delhi Rs. From 1850 to 1350-1400 per ticket in some places. And in Bangalore, the release date is Rs. 1100 - 1400 BC. In hyderabad itself Rs. 500 ticket only.

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