Swamy Ra Ra: English Full Review || తెలుగు ట్వీట్ రివ్యూ || తెలుగు ఫుల్ రివ్యూ

10:00am: Good morning tweet pals, get ready to enjoy the live updates of 'Swamy Ra Ra' in few minutes
10:10am: As expected theater looks half empty folks 
10:20am: Film Starts with Jogi brothers discussing about missing Silk Smitha hearing 'Bavalu Saiya' song  
10:25am: Different style in title rolling guys with good music    
10:29am: Swathi entry is cute and Nikhil looks smart and different...  
10:37am: Swamy Ra Ra title songs comes in and it shows the skills of Nikhil team thefts, Ravi Babu entry was normal  
10:40am: Love failure fame Pooja is looking hot with her expressions  
10:43am: Good tricky plan of Nikhil failed because of Sathya   


Swathi named her yellow vespa bike as Banthi Puvu this sounds funny   
10:52am: Nice background score music, its play key roles in vital scenes    
10:57am: Fresh idea of songs running in background without any need of lip sink is nice 
11:03am: Well executed screenplay running around folks.    
11:09am: "Adi Enti Okkasari" song pops in, good slow one thats showing bonding with Nikhil and Swathi. 
11:17am: Jeeva comes in as Salarjam Shankar, expert in identifying good items, he loked kwel. 
11:20am: Interval scene looks little resembling Delhi belly. Till now film has moved with medium core phase, no thunder and storms but ok ok.
---- INTERVAL ----
11:35am: Good Twist in the film, let's see how the story goes forward. 
11:37am: "Life Ante" song flashed in, nice chasing scenes in ultra slow motion.  
11:42am: Film losing the phase because of movie plot getting revealed very soon. 
11:47am: Hawala money transaction scene is nice. 
11:55am: No interesting scene going in the film.  
11:58am: Small glam scene for relief, Pooja in swim suit. 
12:05pm: Nice interesting twists, claps in the hall.
12:10pm: Film reaching climax folks and Ravi babu proposing Swathi is funny. 
12:13pm: Cat and Mouse alike scene of chasing is funny folks.  
12:20pm: Nice Finish to the movie.
12:20pm: End cards rolling on with Swathi and Nikhil singing "Yo Yo Yo Memu Antha".
Film Ends Finally 

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