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What Is Good: Nag-Nayan chemistry, Brahmi-MS Narayan comedy, Few heart touching scenes in second half, Well written & executed sentiment scenes. 
What Is Bad: Poor direction, Unimpressive Screenplay, Simple Story line, Talented actors are wasted, Editing .
Boring Scenes: Songs, Major portion of first half, Climax.
Watch It Or Not ?: Greeku Veerudu is slow, dragging narrated film, it's a one-time watcher.

Greeku Veerudu Review: Story

Chandu [ Nagarjuna ] runs a successful event management company in USA , who believes that life is not love but money. On other hand Sandhya [ Nayantara ] is quite opposite personality to Nag and she is full time volunteer in Make A Wish Foundation. Situations arise in such a way that Nag-Nayan has to go to India, get married to each-other and part their ways after coming back to USA. What are those situations? Did Nag- Nayan get back together or not? Has to be seen on silver screen.

Greeku Veerudu Review: StaPerformances

Nagarjuna did complete justice to character Chandu , his performance is neat and he looked younger than ever in this flick. Nag's dancing skills in songs are appreciable and his chemistry with Nyan is treat to watch on screen. Nayantara looked very beautiful throughout the film, her expressions added weight to key scenes and she perfectly utilized equal screen-space given to her. 

Senior actor K Vishwanth has done the extension role which he did in Santosham and MR. Perfect films. Brahmi, MS Narayana and Jai Prakash Reddy have filled the comedy element in this flick. Rest of the characters has nothing much importance.

Greeku Veerudu Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Director Dasarath has once again tried his trade mark family-sentiment oriented subject and with his poor directional skills, not so trendy screenplay & dialogues, he has messed up this film.

Thamans music is good but song's placement & it's filming made them look bore on screen and his BGS is up to his mark. Editor Marthand K Vanekatsh has done a horrible job, he really needs to check the basic for his future films. Best part in technical team is comedy scenes written by Kona Venkat and few hearts touching written by Dasarath. Production values are as usual looked rich.

Greeku Veerudu Review: Analysis

After bouncing back with a commercial hit Mr. Perfect director Dasarath had spent one year over the story-screenplay and theme of Greeku Veerudu . Nag who is reason behind Dasarath to enter in to direction department had once gain agreed to work under him. Nag stylish look, Thamans newly sounded tracks, Nayantara’s homely look had raised expectaions on the movie. Let’s see what Greeku Veerudu has in-stock for you all.

Film starts with Nag-Nayan  expressing their opinion about love, life and relationships. Then in next ten to fifteen minutes movies entire plot gets revealed out and the much needy crispy screenplay lacks here completely till end title cards fall down. MS Narayan- Kovai Sarala track will be funny for little time. Essentional soul in emotional scenes has lost its impact at many occasions and credit goes to story-screenpaly for it. But 10 minutes before interval gives the family touch of Dasarth in the movie.

Second half is filled with little entertainment with comedy scenes of Brahmi, JP and MS Narayan. Heart touching wish full fulfillment scenes for kids are well written and executed , kudos to Dasarth for it. Talented actors like Vishwanth, Sharath Kumar, Geetanjali are wasted by giving less screen time to them. Climax of the film is one of the letdowns as its very expectable and looks similar to Srinu Vatila’s movies.

Greeku Veerudu is slow, dragging narrated film, it's a one-time watcher.

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