No guarantee for Joe Biden's safety during ukraine trip..!?

US President Joe Biden made a secret visit to the capital of ukraine, Kyiv. Today marks the 363rd day of Russia's war on Ukraine. Thousands died in this war. Meanwhile, european countries and the united states were supporting ukraine in this war. Various economic sanctions on russia were imposed by the US and the West in addition to providing much-needed arms aid to Ukraine. All countries are trying to stop this war. india insisted that Russia-Ukraine should return to their peace talks. However, for several months, this war has been going on by the aid of the united states and european countries.In this situation, US President Joe Biden made a surprise trip to ukraine yesterday. This highly secretive trip created a stir in world politics. Joe Biden went to poland on a state visit and then secretly traveled to Ukraine's capital Kyiv by train. There he met Ukrainian President Zelensky. In this situation, the US informed russia about Joe Biden's visit to Ukraine. The US informs russia about Joe Biden's trip via the diplomatic channel. In this case, it has now been reported that russia has not given any guarantee for Joe Biden's security during his trip to Ukraine. In this regard, the head of the Russian Defense Ministry, Alexander Portnikov, said that the united states informed russia through the embassy about Joe Biden's visit to Kyiv. They are not making any guarantees about Joe Biden's safety, he said.

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