On Saturday, Excise minister V srinivas Goud gave double-bedroom home pattas to up to 155 journalists in the district. The minister said telangana was the first State to have established a Rs 100 crore fund particularly for the welfare of journalists when speaking on the occasion. While maintaining the public's awareness of daily events, news, and governmental efforts through their publications and tv networks, he acknowledged the challenges journalists have in achieving their ambition of owning a home.

Additionally, he provided information on plans to build a bypass road close to the Enugonda and Moulali Gutta 2BHK communities. The minister also said that a large community centre and other crucial infrastructural amenities, including schools, will be built nearby. The winners of 330 double-bedroom residences will be chosen at random on sunday in the heart of the mancherial area.

On a plot of land in Rajiv Nagar, a neighbourhood on the outskirts of the district centre, two two-bedroom homes were constructed for an estimated cost of Rs 5.30 lakh each. 1,600 recipients in total have already been determined. Applications submitted through Mee Seva centres were carefully examined by representatives of the revenue department and the municipality of Mancherial.

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