The situation of the rtc in the state of telangana has become very bad. At least there was no budget to pay the workers. Under one year, all rtc workers went on strike for more than a month. The strike was followed by an outbreak of compassionate disease that left the rtc with nothing.

With this, the telangana government hopes to privatize the RTC. But workers are saying no to it. The government negotiated and came to a decision. chief minister kcr warned that if the entire rtc system does not go to bed in four months, it will be done privately.

The cm held a kcr review meeting on any difficulties faced by TSRTC and the steps to be taken to bring Pura glory to it. Transport minister Puwada ajay Kumar, MD Sajjanar, Chairman Bajireddy Govardhan, attended a meeting and discussed the issue.

The government has been supporting the rtc several times with the aim of protecting it, and this year too the rtc has allocated Rs 3,000 crore for the project, but it seems that cm kcr is dissatisfied with the lack of expected results.

rtc Chairman Bajireddy Govardhan said that the chief minister has directed the kcr officials to make it possible if everyone does it together. The government has allotted another four months to the RTC.

At the same time, the CMO made it clear that the rtc should be brought into the groove. He directed the rtc officials that it would not be possible for the officers to sit in the offices and do things, and that it would be better if they could visit the field level and find out the problems and move forward.

If sitting in the office the problems at the field level should be completed, every officer should go into the field and work hard.

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