O. Panneerselvam, the AIADMK's co-ordinator, has requested that action be made to reinstate the delivery of chapatis that had been halted at Amma Restaurant. In this regard, the OPS issued the following statement: "'Amma Restaurant,' according to Bhartiyar, is a project aimed at providing inexpensive health and quality meals to the poor, ordinary people, daily wage earners, drivers, and burden bearers at low wages in order to create a disease-free society.

Jayalalithaa launched the project in chennai on february 19, 2013, and it has since expanded to other parts of tamil Nadu. Chapatis have been cut off from the poor at night in favour of Italian and tomato rice, and chapatis have not been provided due to the suspension of wheat supply, which has resulted in a loss of Rs 300 crore to the chennai corporation due to the low cost of food, and the non-delivery of wheat to Amma restaurants is the reason for the financial crisis. There are always reports to be found. Despite the fact that the chapati is served on behalf of the company, the reality is quite different.

If this is the case in chennai, the situation will be far worse in other areas. Because this is a poor-program, people's gradually diluting it while invoking the financial crisis is wrong. This project should be continued and enlarged, according to the impoverished and simple people. This initiative is the responsibility and obligation of the government.

As a result, I am requesting that the chief minister of tamil Nadu pay special attention to this issue and resume the distribution of chapatis, which has been suspended for the past few days, as well as take steps to ensure that this scheme continues to operate effectively and alleviate the hunger of the poor and simple grassroots people."

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