Why is china increasing its military in the border area?

India-China Clash: India's conflict with china will increase further in Ladakh, how will the army deal with the challenges, and what is the preparation? The ongoing tension between india and china does not seem to end. china is continuously building in the border areas. The risk for india is increasing continuously.

The People's Liberation army of china is continuously building in the border areas to serve its economic interests. This is the reason that the confrontation with india will increase in the coming days. india will continue to resist. In such a situation, the confrontation on the border will not stop. china is strengthening the infrastructure on a large scale in its border. china wants that the army should not be resourceless in the border areas. The army should have a strong base in case of war. china is in a strong position in these areas. Military exercises are also being done continuously. india is also ready to deal with every challenge coming in this area. If we look at the tension between the two armies, then after the years 2013 and 14, a situation of skirmish arises once in every 2 or 3 years.

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