India's Covid-19 cases surge-PM Modi worried...P2

In light of the increase in coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases, prime minister Narendra Modi called a high-level meeting today to review public health preparedness. 

What's the purpose of this meeting?

Continuation of part 1...

2- Increased death toll

The unexpected thing is that five people also died during this period. There was one death each in Chhattisgarh, Delhi, gujarat and Maharashtra. Apart from this, there has also been a death in Kerala. The daily positivity rate in the country has reached 1.09 per cent. While the weekly rate is 0.98 per cent.

3- Things getting worse in Kerala

Apart from this, the cases of corona have increased rapidly in Kerala. Due to this, the state government has issued an alert in all the districts. health Minister Veena George said that the corona report of 172 people in the state came positive on Tuesday. thiruvananthapuram and ernakulam districts have more cases of the virus.

4-States were alerted

Let us tell you that on march 16, the Union Ministry of health and Family Welfare had written a letter to the states amidst increasing cases of the corona. In this, by writing letters to Maharashtra, gujarat, Telangana, tamil Nadu, kerala and Karnataka, they were asked to be vigilant about Corona.

5- This advice was given to the state governments

The ministry had asked to follow the strategy of testing, tracking, treatment, vaccination and appropriate behaviour to fight Corona. There has been a spurt in Covid-19 cases in these states. In such a situation, the government has been asked to keep an eye on the situation under the Five Fold Strategy and take necessary measures.

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