For 8 yrs rahul gandhi will not be in Parliament..P1

Former congress President rahul gandhi has been convicted by the Sessions court of Surat, gujarat in the defamation case of the year 2019. rahul gandhi has been sentenced to two years imprisonment by the court. Although rahul gandhi will not have to go to jail for the time being, but due to this punishment due to his being a lok sabha mp under parliamentary rules, a crisis has arisen. Recently, the membership of Samajwadi Party's veteran leader Azam Khan and his son in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative assembly has been snatched for this reason. In such a situation, everyone is interested to know what are the possibilities in the case of rahul Gandhi?

Here in 5 points we know what are the rules and what is the whole thing.

1. What does the Representation of the people Act say?

There is a clear provision in the Representation of the people Act regarding this. According to this, membership will be tested if any mp or mla is sentenced for 2 years or more. In this test, he can be removed from the position of mp or mla, that is, his membership can be taken away. Not only this, if the membership is cancelled, then he will not be able to contest elections for 6 years. The time for not contesting elections will start after the completion of his sentence. According to this, rahul Gandhi's lok sabha membership can be taken away and he will not be able to contest elections for the next 8 years. rahul gandhi is currently a lok sabha mp from wayanad seat in Kerala.

To be continued in part 2....

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