Rahul gandhi 5 controversial words...P1

Lok Sabha membership of former congress President rahul gandhi was terminated on Friday. On the basis of getting a sentence of 2 years from the surat Sessions court of Gujarat, the lok sabha secretariat has disqualified rahul gandhi for the membership of parliament (Rahul gandhi disqualified as lok sabha MP). rahul gandhi was sentenced by the court in a defamation case for his controversial statement in the year 2019, in which he had said that why all thieves have Modi surname.

Although rahul gandhi has faced legal punishment for a controversial statement for the first time, but the list of his controversial statements is very long. Let's know which are his 5 such statements as an mp, due to which a wave of controversy has arisen in the whole country and rahul has to face litigation.

Rahul gandhi had targeted prime minister Narendra Modi after the supreme Court's decision on the Rafale fighter jet deal. He had alleged that the supreme court had accepted that 'the watchman is a thief'. Due to prime minister Narendra Modi calling himself 'watchman' in public meetings, it was directly assumed that rahul gandhi had targeted him only. There was a lot of controversy due to this. bjp mp and current Union minister Meenakshi Lekhi (BJP mp Meenakshi Lekhi) filed a petition in the supreme court and appealed to prosecute for contempt of court. Later, rahul gandhi apologized to the court in this matter. In the year 2019, the supreme court had closed the contempt case against rahul gandhi, but the apex court had instructed him to be careful about his speech in future as he is an important political figure.

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