Navjot Singh Sidhu - will the political period soon be over?P2

Is Navjot Singh Sidhu still needed in punjab politics as he Leaves Jail Today? politics is all about influencing individuals for the benefit of society.

Sidhu one, angry many

Sidhu is considered to be the biggest reason for the instability of the punjab Congress. This is because it was because of him that sonia gandhi demanded the resignation of Captain amarinder singh, the biggest leader of the state. When Charanjit Singh Channi became the Chief Minister, Sidhu messed with him too, the effect of which was clearly visible in the elections. He was the president of congress, but sometimes he used to offer a resignation, and sometimes he used to indulge in the political drama. Sidhu's attitude never changes. His own colleagues may get angry with him.

Sidhu's attitude is sometimes soft and sometimes hot

Navjot Singh Sidhu's attitude has also been soft and sometimes hot. It cannot be said when and on what issue they get angry with their own party. Sidhu was constantly against the Captain government on the issue of electricity, corruption, drugs and transfers, on these issues he sometimes stood against amarinder singh and sometimes against Charan Jeet Singh Channi. congress has always been afraid of his unstable attitude.

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