Former chief minister Narayanasamy has criticized the de-accreditation of the government Medical college as a huge setback for the puducherry government.

Regarding this, he told the reporters today: "The funds for the construction of the new parliament building could have been given as a relief to the people during the measures to prevent the spread of Corona. Likewise, it is not right that the central government is spreading wrong information about the scepter being installed there. The opposition parties have boycotted the ceremony condemning the opening of the new parliament building without inviting the President. puducherry The National Medical Commission has canceled the accreditation of the Kathirgamam government Medical college, which has stalled the current year's admissions.Chief minister Rangasamy is not concerned about the administration except to admit the people he wants in this medical college.

This is a huge drag for the puducherry state government. Rangasamy has created a question mark that a government medical college could not be run properly. Rangasamy should take action on a war footing to redress the grievances immediately and get approval for admission. The bjp in puducherry is operating on the basis of lies. There is no truth in BJP's claim that the central government has given a special fund of Rs.1250 crore to Puducherry. GST, 7th Pay Commission arrears have been released by the central government. Implementation of CBSE syllabus is not proper in puducherry government schools without appointing enough teachers and training them. Declaring tamil only as an optional subject in the syllabus is also not acceptable.

In puducherry Municipality, a committee of 3 officials was appointed to implement the Bolivuru City Plans. 2 of the officials involved in it have acted to award a contract to a private company to implement the project of building an integrated building. While a complaint has been made to the Chief Secretary about their malpractice, it has been ordered from the Union Ministry of home Affairs not to appoint the relevant officials in key departments. After that, high officials of the Ministry of Commerce and Finance have been transferred. It is not right that the chief minister has not given an answer on the puducherry State Excise Department malpractices. Corruption has become rampant in all sectors. chief minister Rangaswamy, who passed the resolution demanding statehood in the Assembly, did not discuss it in the niti aayog meeting. So, he has no real interest in statehood," he said.

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