On Saturday, a man was killed by his nephew in Narlapur village, Mandamarri Mandal, for allegedly mistreating his wife. In the district, there have been five murders in the space of just over two months. M. Posham died after being battered and carried a short distance by the accused, his brother's son suresh, according to Mandamarri Inspector Mahender Reddy.

After a heated confrontation over his inappropriate behavior at his agriculture field, Posham was struck on the head with a wooden stick, resulting in serious injuries. As a result, he passed away right away. When his wife informed him about Posham's disorderly behavior, suresh became enraged with Posham. A case was reported, and an investigation was launched.

Real Instances of Murders
Following a quarrel over a plot of land in mancherial, janagama Swapna (26), of Rajivnagar in the town of mancherial, was slashed to death on May 19. Lavudya Sagar, a 21-year-old truck cleaner from the Kasipet hamlet of Mamidiguda, was killed on May 14 by four people after they saw her interacting closely with a young woman.

Muske Mahesh (24), a truck driver, was killed by five family members on april 25 in full face of the public for pestering a widow at Indaram village in jaipur mandal. On april 11, a 62-year-old mancherial resident and real estate investor named Nadipelli Laxmikantha Rao was killed.

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