On Wednesday, Subhrakant Panda, president of the Federation of indian Chambers of Commerce and industry (FICCI), paid a visit to the FICCI-FLO Industrial Park in Sultanpur, Hyderabad. At the first industrial park that is entirely owned by women, he got to know the businesswomen there and spoke with them. In addition, Subhrakant Panda described the creation of the park as a public act of women's empowerment that is shattering stereotypes.

With the help of TSIIC and the telangana government, the FLO hyderabad Chapter facilitates the FLO Industrial Park. 25 female business owners received access to the 50-acre park. Ritu Shah took over for Subhra Maheshwary as the new chair of the FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO).

The Federation of indian Chamber of Commerce & industry (FICCI) has a women's branch called FLO. With 19 branches, it is an indian forum for women that represents more than 8,000 female business owners and professionals. There are more than 1,015 members in Hyderabad. According to a press release, FLO gives women a platform to demonstrate their abilities, skills, experiences, and energy across all economic sectors and verticals for a truly inclusive growth trajectory.

Ritu Shah, a businesswoman and entrepreneur, will serve as the new chairman for the academic year 2023–2024. On her team for the year are Prachi Trivedi Shah, honorary secretary, Nishita Manne, treasurer, Smita Sanghi, honorary joint secretary, and Neeru Mohan, joint treasurer.

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