Chhattisgarh deputy chief minister TS Singh Deo found it difficult to praise PM Modi. For this, TS Singh

Deo had to apologize in the extended meeting of the congress Working Committee (CWC Meeting) held in

Hyderabad. A few days ago, while sharing the stage at a government program, TS Singh Deo praised PM

Modi and said that the central government did not discriminate.

According to sources, in the CWC meeting, congress President mallikarjun Kharge asked TS Singh Deo in a

reprimanding manner that you praised him, do they appreciate any of our work?

Kharge said in the meeting of the Extended Working Committee, “Keep in mind that for your applause, do

not do anything which may cause loss to the party. Without discipline no one becomes a leader. We will

remain disciplined ourselves, only then people will follow us and listen to us.

TS Singh Dev said- Sorry

According to sources, sensing Kharge’s displeasure, TS Singh Deo expressed regret and said sorry. Sources

claimed that Kharge was so angry that he even questioned the usefulness of the word sorry.

Recently, senior chhattisgarh leader TS Singh Dev was promoted from minister to deputy chief minister in

the Baghel government. After this, Kharge also gave him a place in the Central election Committee of

Congress, but by expressing his displeasure against TS Singh Deo in the crowded CWC, Kharge gave a clear

message that he will not leave even senior leaders if necessary.

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