Election strategist and architect of Jan Suraj Padyatra prashant kishor has explained a lot to the people

before the elections. These days prashant kishore is hiking in muzaffarpur district of Bihar. On Wednesday

(September 20), a statement was issued taking the names of Modi government, indira gandhi and India


The public will bring it back to earth...

prashant kishore said that for how many years has Modi government been in power in the country out of 75

years? It’s only been 9 years, why are you worried? When indira gandhi was in government, she made

whatever changes she wanted in the Preamble of the Constitution. Many types of laws were made. Whoever

comes to the government has the right to make laws, but the public also has the right that if you are making a

law for them on a matter on which they have given majority, then it will go against their hopes, expectations

and feelings, then the public will then punish them. But will bring.

Said on opposition alliance- Its name will remain India

prashant kishore further said that elections will be held after six months. If a new government is elected then

it can say that its name will remain India. If not today, then whatever government comes after five years can

do it. What is the sentiment of the public, what do the public want, you and I express through votes. The

people’s representative who gets elected to the parliament will be the one who will take decisions. PK said

that if the leaders take decisions as per your sentiments then the public will stand with you. If he does not

take decisions as per your sentiments, he will have to lose the election. A new system will come and correct

that thing. Don’t judge it by one law, one decision, one Parliament.

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