The newly renovated international Tech Park hyderabad (ITPH) officially opened its first phase of operations under CapitaLand Investment Limited (CLI). The business park, which is well situated in Madhapur, has secured a 100% lease commitment from major international firms for its Block A office block.

IT and industries minister KT Rama Rao said CLI's dedication to building world-class business parks and data centers in hyderabad was a testament to the sector's rapid expansion in his remarks at the groundbreaking ceremony for a 40-megawatt (MW) data center in ITPH as well.

"As hyderabad becomes a desired location for major international firms, we are committed to offering the facilities and assistance required for these businesses to develop and flourish. We will continue to collaborate with industry leaders like CLI to develop an environment that fosters innovation and collaboration in order to define Hyderabad's commercial landscape in the future," he said.

The minister stated that singapore and japan were two nations that the State looked up to for inspiration, pointing out that builders from maharashtra who were recently in the city had gone around hyderabad and claimed that telangana was developing India's own version of singapore here.

He added that telangana was now one of the most significant life sciences hubs in the world, with 33 percent of human vaccines being manufactured here, saying "We have learned a lot and imbibed the best elements." Here, nine billion doses were produced annually; the number would rise to 14 billion the next year.

He added that the State produced 40% of all pharmaceuticals in the world and has 214 US FDA-approved manufacturing facilities. He also extended an invitation to CapitaLand to invest in the state's life sciences industry. Rama Rao made a pitch for investments in industrial warehouses as well, saying that the wealth of talent in hyderabad was just as interesting as its physical infrastructure.

He stated that businesses were not only considering costs, but also the availability of skilled labour, which made hyderabad, telangana, and india appealing to many. He urged CapitaLand to establish hyderabad as its base in india, for which the State would provide full support. "In india, where we have almost 30 years of expertise, hyderabad is one of the markets for CLI that is expanding the quickest. There are currently 12 business parks in india, three of which are in hyderabad, spread across six cities.

Over 150,000 professionals from both local and international businesses are housed in our business parks in india, which have an impressive average occupancy rate of close to 90%. In addition to our data centre in ITPH, two more are being built by us in Navi mumbai and Chennai, and a third is slated to be built at our international Tech Park Bangalore.

Sanjeev Dasgupta, CEO of CLI india and CEO of CLINT, said, "Our investment in hyderabad indicates our commitment to harness the potential of the city's IT/ITES infrastructure and be a strong partner for both the government and for companies, especially in the business parks and data centre sectors.

Bristol Myers Squibb, Ernst & Young, Tata Consultancy Services, VXI Global, US Technology, Warner Bros. Discovery, Cloud4C Services, and ANSR Global Corporation are just a few of the large international companies that have committed to leasing space in the 1.4 million square foot Block A office block as part of its Phase 1 operations.

The built-up area of the data centre at ITPH will be 0.3 million square feet. Due to its technologically superior features, it will be able to support both huge businesses and worldwide hyperscalers. The S$300 million Ascendas india Growth Programme, which was concluded and fully committed in 2015, was followed by CLI's recent introduction of CapitaLand india Growth Fund 2, a business park development fund in India. Another two business parks owned by CLINT are aVance hyderabad and CyberPearl in Hyderabad.

Gauri shankar Nagabhushanam, CEO, india business Parks, CLI, amarnath reddy Atmakuri, Chief Relations Officer, IT E&C Department, telangana and others were present.

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