The BJP-JJP coalition government is once again on the target of congress on the issue of unemployment.

Senior haryana congress leader kiran Chaudhary has once again cornered the coalition government. He

tweeted and wrote that will the youth get employment like this? Due to complex rules, recruitment of teachers

gets stuck in court. youth are facing the brunt of unemployment while 30% posts are vacant. Only those who

have retired are being rehired. When will the new candidates get a chance? When will the conditions of

schools improve?

‘Coalition government should not make fun of youth’

kiran Chaudhary further wrote that will we get education like this? Will this be how to get employment? Will

the state progress like this? The coalition government should not make fun of the youth who want to get jobs

by working hard day and night.

Why did the coalition government make life difficult for the poor?

In another tweet, kiran Chaudhary has raised questions on the government regarding the Family Identity

Card. He tweeted and wrote, who will be blamed now? 55.68% people in the state have reached below the

poverty line. Now if questions are asked then people will say that the income has been shown wrongly. If the

income is shown wrong then the verification has been done by the government itself. Then the data of the

family identity card itself is wrong. The knowledgeable people are taking advantage of the schemes, the poor

people are making rounds of CSC centres. Why did the coalition government make life difficult for the poor

by bringing PPP?

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