The Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) is gearing up for its next battle for the OBC Reservation Bill after bringing the Women's Reservation Bill back into the national spotlight and getting it passed in Parliament. The party is planning ways to win over the people through demonstrations, meetings, and talks across the nation, particularly in telangana and Maharashtra, in addition to organizing like-minded forces.

The agenda for the extraordinary session of parliament was announced by the BJP-led government at the Centre amid rumors of significant choices, with the goal of discussing its accomplishments over the previous nine years. However, the BRS wisely grasped the opportunity to fight for the adoption of the Women's Reservation Bill since it has long championed the cause of women's representation in politics.

While BRS legislator K Kavitha, an outspoken supporter of the Bill who led a significant demonstration at Jantar Mantar in delhi earlier this year, took prompt action and wrote letters to all political parties to urge inclusion of the Women's Reservation Bill on the agenda, BRS president and chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao also wrote letters to the prime minister urging passage of both the Women's Reservation Bill and the OBC Reservation Bill. In response to more political parties supporting the cause, the union administration introduced the Women's Reservation Bill in the Parliament.

In light of these facts, the BRS is focusing its efforts on making the bjp responsible for the passage and enforcement of the Act. The BRS strives to draw attention to any apparent ambiguity and specific efforts made by the bjp to implement the bill successfully. Additionally, the BRS is getting ready to draw attention to the problem of reservations for Other backward classes (OBC) in legislative bodies. bc representatives from the BRS have already requested that the Centre carry out a nationwide count of BCs at a meeting they held. If the Centre is unable to get the OBC Reservations Bill passed in parliament, they have pledged to intensify their protest.

According to sources, BRS President and chief minister Chandrashekhar Rao would probably bring up the subject of OBC reservations during his sizable rally on september 25 in Wardha, Maharashtra. The BRS has previously expressed its support for the present agitation by OBC members and organizations against the maratha community's inclusion in the OBC category for reservations. According to insiders, a separate plan is being developed to create an OBC movement in telangana and other States through coordinated efforts with like-minded organizations.

The BRS party has a long history of supporting OBC reservations. As soon as telangana was formed in 2014, the party was crucial in ensuring that the first State assembly unanimously approved the Women's Reservation Bill and the OBC Reservation Bill, which were then forwarded to the Centre for approval.

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