Reportedly these days in the country’s politics, there have been comments from leaders of various political parties on

Sanatan and Hindu religion. Starting from Ramcharit Manas and reaching Sanatan, it has now reached the

word Hindu in Hindu religion. These days, SP National General Secretary Swami prasad Maurya is putting

hinduism in the dock on one pretext or the other. However, hurt by his statements, religious leaders and

people from social organizations have criticized him in one voice.

Actually, Maurya made controversial remarks regarding Hindu religion in a public meeting in Hardoi. He said

that Hindu is a Persian word. In Persian it means thief, lowly, lowly. How can we consider it a religion?

Acharya Mithileshnandini Sharan, Peethadhishwar of Hanumat Niwas of Ayodhya, completely rejected

Swami Prasad’s statement and said, Swami Prasad’s statement is just an act done to garner headlines. He is

ignorant, he has no knowledge of Sanatan.

Acharya angry at Swami prasad Maurya

He said that the word Hindu is very ancient and it is not within the power of people like Swami Prasad

Maurya to explain it. The word Hindu is mentioned in texts like Merutantra and Kalika Purana. He cannot

understand it. This country is being called Hindusthan long before his birth. Now whether it is said that

because of the Hindu lake or because of the Persian transformation of Sindh, it became Hind and came to be

called Hindu, this is a matter of scholar’s discussion.

Acharya Mithilesh Nandini sharan said that there is no illusion about the existence of India. Sanatan-Vedic

religion is called Hindu religion. This is its modern nomenclature. For example, when you call someone

Marwari or Marathi, it is not a religion but a culture that comes in front of you. Similarly, people coming from

abroad called the people of Sanatan-Vedic religion as Hindustani and Sanatan-Vedic religion as Hindu. The

culture and way of life that comes out by saying Hindu is Sanatan-Vedic religion only. The modern

nomenclature of this religion is Hindu.

Some people are preparing to change their DNA.

Acharya said, now it is being criticized. Even some people are preparing to change their DNA. This includes

not only Swami prasad but also Stalin. Some questions have to be asked of them. They may disagree with

Hindu-Sanatan Dharma, but don’t they consider their father as their father? this is the question. Are they not

descendants of Karunanidhi? If not, then where did stalin get the title from?

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