Minister Santosh Lad has hit back at Yatna's accusation saying that he welcomes Yatnal's words against me. minister Santhosh Lad said that Modi has bankrupted the country. mla Basanagowda Patil Yatnal criticized that Bellary was bankrupted by Lad. It is true that Modi Saheb went bankrupt. From 1947 to 2014, the country's debt was 55 lakh crore. Meanwhile, the bjp government has increased in power. nirmala sitharaman has mentioned how much of that debt is in the budget. He claimed that he had declared bankruptcy on the basis of that. 4200 crores spent on the recently held G20. That much money has been leaked in just two days. Let's not discuss it now. G20 meeting is also in France, Indonesia. They have been successful in other countries by spending less than us. But we have spent 4200 crores. During the G20 summit, Modi posted a photo two meters away. This has earned him publicity. Whose duddu used here belongs to BJP? minister Ladd questioned.

Sec. Talking about the karnataka bandh issue on 29th, the minister said that the struggle was for a fair demand. karnataka Bandh I welcome. But let this fight be peaceful, kannada organizations have the right to fight when it comes to people, land and kannada issues. Let this bandh happen. But because of the court order, the government cannot do anything for now. He said that cm will give information about this.  Talking about the issue of drought delay, the minister said that the farmer leaders are putting pressure on us to meet the standards for drought relief. Some friendly leaders of bjp need to know about this. drought should be declared under the rules of the central government. But all of them are protesting against us due to drought. We have 28 MPs. He is also a Union Minister. The cm has also written to the Center to amend the old criteria. All will be surveyed online by the center itself. So the media should ask the bjp about this. Any technical hurdle is due to the central standard. So let them also put pressure on the centre. Santosh Lad pointed the finger at the central government by saying that they too should fight to demand the centre.

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