This time there is nothing clear from bjp in rajasthan elections. Therefore, every day a

discussion comes to the fore between many national leaders and regional leaders. Now a new

discussion has started regarding BJP’s National General Secretary sunil Bansal. BJP’s

National General Secretary sunil Bansal has visited jaipur several times in the past. Late last

night, sunil Bansal was present at hemant Jain’s program in jaipur for about one and a half

hours. Sources say.

During this time, he has also taken feedback from his old colleagues. He has understood the

ground reality and has given signals to his people to contest the elections. people say that

Sunil Bansal can contest elections from two assembly seats of Jaipur. For this his old friends

have also become active. We are busy in creating an environment for them in the state.

Discussion on Vaishya dominated seat

There is a lot of discussion about the two assembly seats of Jaipur. Those seats are dominated

by Vaishya class and only Vaishya MLAs are being elected there. It is believed that this time

there are signs of big change. In such a situation, sunil Bansal can be fielded from any one

seat. A lot of preparation is going on for this and its discussion can be heard in the

organization also. Now his name is being discussed in a major assembly constituency.

Bansal is from Kotputli

Sunil Bansal is being discussed continuously in rajasthan for the last 6 months. Now there is

a murmur to contest the assembly elections. Before this it was happening in the organization.

Bansal is constantly in the news here. And his political entry is being considered. sunil is

currently the National General Secretary of bjp and is also in-charge of West Bengal, Orissa

and Telangana. There is no cm right now in this election. That's why new faces are

constantly being discussed.

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