The immersion of Ganesha idols will proceed as usual, according to the Bhagyanagar Ganesh Utsav Samithi (BGUS), which stated on tuesday that it has not received any court orders prohibiting the immersion of plaster of paris idols in Hussainsagar. It said that the Constitution grants everyone the basic right to freedom of religion. The telangana High court reaffirmed on monday that the prior general injunction prohibiting the immersion of PoP (PoP) idols in Hussainsagar or other natural water bodies was still in effect.

Worship is a fundamental right, according to BGUS general secretary Dr. Bhagawant Rao. The Ganesha statues have been placed, and the immersion will proceed as normal. The customers of the idols are ourselves, the devotees and mandap organisers. We are unsure about the materials used to create idols. At the Exhibition Ground, the BGUS took part in a coordination meeting with the police and other government agencies. It questioned the ghmc commissioner's absence and recalled that riots occurred in 2010 as a result of alleged ghmc carelessness.

According to BGUS leaders, the ghmc commissioner would be informed about poor illumination, a shortage of restrooms, and a discussion of important routes. Paper horns and paper weapons are not allowed to be used when immersed, according to police commissioner C.V. Anand. anand requested that non-vegetarian food not be sold on the immersion routes, DJs not be used, and alcohol not be eaten during the conference while speaking in a Hyderabadi dialect. Try to just play religious songs when playing music, he said.  He said that for the immersion day, 9,000 more police officers from different regions had been summoned in.

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