The company building ram temple in ayodhya has got the big responsibility of building the Virat Ramayana

temple (Ram Mandir) being built on 140 acres in east Champaran, Bihar. acharya Kishore Kunal, Secretary of

Mahavir temple Trust, Patna, said that Virat Ramayana temple is being constructed in east Champaran by

Mahavir temple, the construction work of which has started. Now Tata Consulting Company will build Virat

Ramayana temple under its supervision.

Kishore Kunal told that Tata Consulting Engineers Limited Company has been given the responsibility of

quality, timeliness and technical work of the entire work of Virat Ramayana Temple. The company has been

given the important responsibility of Project Management Consultant i.e. PMC of Virat Ramayana Temple. He

told that today MoU for Virat Ramayana temple has been signed in Mahavir temple with Saurabh Mulla,

General Manager of the company. Now the entire responsibility of the construction of Virat Ramayana Temple

will be of the company. acharya Kishore Kunal told that this company has been given mainly technical work

like installation of lift, quality of work, conservation and design timeline. This company will supervise the work.

The target for the construction work of the temple has been set till 2025.

Shivlinga is being built 33 feet high

Virat Ramayana temple is being constructed in an area of 140 acres on the ram Janaki Marg being built from

ayodhya to Janakpur in east Champaran. The main temple will be 1080 feet long and 540 feet wide and the

height of the temple will be 270 feet. A 33 feet high and 33 feet circular Shivalinga will be installed in the

temple, which will be the world's largest Shivalinga, which has evidence of Sahastra Lingam. The weight of

Shivling will be 200 metric tons. A huge Shivalinga is being constructed by carving it out of black granite rock in

Mahabalipuram, tamil Nadu. There will be a total of 22 temples in the Virat Ramayana temple, there will be a

total of 12 peaks in the temple, in which the second biggest peak is of 198 feet. Apart from this, there will be four

peaks of 180 feet, one of 135 feet and four of 108 feet. The piling work of Virat Ramayana temple has started on

June 20 this year.        

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