Modi has taken Kachchathivi in his hands only for the election...

 Why did he not open his mouth for 10 years.? Jayakumar question

Jayakumar said that the DMK had sent Kachchathivi to sri lanka out of fear of the Sarkaria Commission. Jayakumar accused DMK of not doing so despite having every opportunity to recover Kachchathivi when he was a member of the central government.


Former minister Jayakumar campaigned in Rayapuram supporting AIADMK candidate Rayapuram mano in North Chennai. He then met the media and said that people were ready to vote for the AIADMK alliance. He said that no one has ever seen a DMK Member of parliament from North chennai and said that wherever DMK goes to gather votes, people protest against them.

He said that the people have been affected due to the increase in the price of milk, increase in electricity charges, and property taxes. He alleged that not only the price of essentials has increased, but the law and order situation in tamil Nadu is bad. He said that killings are taking place every day.

Why didn't you open your mouth for 10 years?

When the congress gave a speech to Kachchathivu sri lanka, Sarkaria said that DMK, which was in power at the time, was afraid of the Commission and remained silent without condemning it. He said that even when he was part of the central government, DMK did not do it even though there was a chance to save Kachchateev. He said that DMK's declaration in its election manifesto that it will save Kachchateev is a fake promise and people are not ready to trust DMK anymore.

Jayakumar said that Modi, who has been the prime minister for 10 years, did not condemn even once when the fishermen of tamil Nadu were attacked by the Sri Lankan Navy.

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