The Zaheerabad lok sabha segment is witnessing intense political competition as the parliamentary elections approach. With candidates from all major parties vying for victory, analysts believe that the primary contest lies between the bjp and congress candidates. The key contenders include suresh Shetkar from the congress, incumbent mp Bibi Patil from the bjp, and bc candidate Gali Anil Kumar from BRS.

Political dynamics in Zaheerabad have undergone significant changes since the previous elections, adding excitement to the current race. Despite the presence of multiple candidates, the congress candidate stands a strong chance of winning based on several factors. Historically, the Lingayat community has had a significant influence in this constituency, with congress winning once and BRS twice in the past three elections. Although BRS has now fielded a bc candidate, the Lingayat community remains pivotal.

Moreover, congress has secured victories in four out of seven assembly constituencies within the parliamentary segment in the last assembly elections, indicating its electoral strength. Comparatively, BJP's support appears relatively weaker based on voter turnout data from the assembly polls. Additionally, with congress holding power in the state, it may have an advantage in terms of voter sentiment.

Suresh Shetkar, hailing from the Lingayat community, adds further weight to Congress's prospects. Considering these factors, the congress party is viewed favourably by party insiders as having higher chances of success compared to bjp and BRS. Ultimately, the voters will have the final say, determining the outcome of this closely contested election.

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