Why Kachathivu is not in the bjp election manifesto: B. chidambaram barrage of questions!

Senior congress leader p. chidambaram has questioned why the bjp did not mention Kachchathivu in its election manifesto

RTI to Ministry of External Affairs on how Kachchathivu was handed over to sri lanka After tamil Nadu bjp President annamalai released the information obtained through the Kachchathivu issue in tamil Nadu. On the occasion of the lok sabha elections, the bjp, which has taken this issue into its hands, has been criticizing the DMK and the congress parties for the past two days regarding this incident that took place in 1974.

However, the DMK and congress parties are retaliating that the bjp has not taken up the issue of Katsadivu for the election. In that regard, senior congress leader p. chidambaram questioned why the bjp did not mention Kachchathivu in its election manifesto.

He met the media in Sivagangai and everyone from the prime minister talked about Kachathivu. But why is there no mention of Kachchathivu in BJP's election manifesto? He questioned. In the election manifesto, they have ground the same flour that has been ground for 10 years. There are no new announcements in the bjp election manifesto. bjp is trying to deceive and mislead people by telling them all impossible schemes. But he also said that the congress manifesto has been overwhelmingly welcomed by the people.

P. chidambaram accused the bjp regime of indifference to indian democracy and tolerance and said that BJP's one country, one election, and common civil law will divide the people and take the country to the path of dictatorship.

Pacithambaram, who pointed out that every time the bjp accuses congress of trying to break up the country, who broke kashmir - SRINAGAR/JAMMU' target='_blank' title='jammu and kashmir-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>jammu and kashmir into 3? He questioned. p. chidambaram also asked people to vote with utmost caution as the bjp is planning to take india on the path of dictatorship.

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