Sema party in Thailand. VJ Parvathy with wet clothes on her birthday!

VJ Parvathi: Popular tv presenter parvathi celebrated her birthday at a water festival in Thailand. A video about it is going viral.VJ Parvathy, who is a host in a popular private company, needs no introduction among the people of tamil Nadu. He appeared as a special guest in the final episode of bigg boss and encouraged the contestants there. Parvathy, who has become popular among the people due to some of her controversial comments, recently surprised many by revealing her monthly expenses. Presenter Parvathy has gone to thailand to celebrate her 28th birthday.

He participated in the two-day water festival from april 13 to 15. The country calls it the Songkran Water Festival. Parvati also participated in the same way that Tamils celebrate the Chitrai festival and New Year on the 14th of april while Thai people celebrate New Year on the 13th.  Crowds gathered on the roads to celebrate their festival by hurling water on each other. The streets were filled with world-renowned DJs and music was everywhere. Parvati floated in the sea of happiness and celebrated by appearing in the water festival with great glamor. He posted a video on his page to let his fans know about the loot he scored throughout the trip. It is now going viral in a big way.

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