Villagers boycotted elections; The mysterious people who came to cast fake votes were chased away and beaten

In Potalurani near Thoothukudi, the villagers who were boycotting the election were arrested and stopped by cars to cast fake votes. Villagers of Potalurani village near Thoothukudi are boycotting the elections today demanding the closure of fish waste plants. The villagers are sitting on the banks of Kanmai, cooking lunch there and hoisting black flags, and boycotting the elections. In this case, a gang who came in a Scorpio car in the village tried to cheat. Following this, following a complaint from the villagers, the police caught the people who had come to cast fake votes and took them away in a van.

Then the villagers blocked the van started a protest and seized the Scorpio car. Also, it is said that there were bottles of liquor, knives, axes and rice in the car. Hundreds of villagers protested around the van and the Scorpio car and there was a lot of commotion. The window of the van was broken in the incident. Following this, the police negotiated with him and then took away those who had come to vote fraudulently. people sent the minister back: The incident of tamil Nadu Fisheries minister Anitha Radhakrishnan, who had earlier come to hold talks with the villagers, was sent back by the villagers.

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