These symptoms including pain in muscles and back can be signs of Yellow Fever

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Yellow Fever: To prevent yellow fever, three vaccination centers have recently been opened in tamil Nadu. Let us know what is this disease and what are its symptoms.

As the weather changes, the risk of many serious diseases increases. One of these is Yellow Fever. According to health experts, Yellow Fever Symptoms is a viral disease which is spread by the bite of infected mosquitoes. Recently, to prevent this disease, three vaccination centers have been opened in Tamilnadu. According to health experts, due to this infection, people often get fever and due to this, there can be severe pain and cramps in the muscles. Let us know what is yellow fever and what are its symptoms and prevention measures

what is yellow fever

There are three types of phases in yellow fever, the first of which is sylvatic (wild), the second is intermediate and the third is urban. In the first phase, monkeys and animals are bitten by mosquitoes and the virus spreads to humans. In the second phase, domestic mosquitoes breed inside houses or in wild areas and then bite people or animals. Apart from this, in the third or final phase both the population and the number of mosquitoes are very high.

symptoms of yellow fever

The initial symptoms of yellow fever can appear within a week and can cause many problems to the person.

Muscle and back pain problems

feeling sick or vomiting

fatigue problem

body pain

problem of nausea

yellowing of skin and eyes

severe headache problem

yellow fever treatment

According to health experts, treatment of yellow fever is not possible at present. But in this fever, doctors advise to drink lots of water. Apart from this, vaccine is given to the patient to prevent this fever. Also, the patient is given non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines. After fever, the doctor is advised to take rest and in serious condition, the patient is admitted for some time.

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