Devineni Uma is one of the most important leaders of the telugu Desam Party. He is not the type of person who enjoys telugu desam party when it is in power and then goes to the next party and enjoys the pleasures there. He entered the political arena in the tdp, won four times through that party, and when he lost once, he was with the telugu desam party, who was its leader, Chandrababu.

Uma started his political career as an aide to his brother, former minister Devineni Venkata Ramana. After that in 1999, Uma's brother died suddenly in a train accident and Uma entered full-fledged politics. After entering active politics, Uma won the Nandigama constituency by-election.

Telugu Desam party was defeated in 2004 and 2009 assembly elections but he won both the assembly elections. But at that time he remained in Telugudesam without changing the party and worked a lot for the future of that party. Being limited to the opposition at that time, Uma, who was elected as a legislator from Nandigama in 2004 and from mylavaram in 2009, started fighting on behalf of the party's issues in her assembly and krishna district.  

Especially in krishna district, when the party was going through a tough time, he took responsibility as the President of telugu Desam krishna district party and worked hard to strengthen the party not only in the Metta region that he represented in the district but also in the rest of the district. During the bifurcation of andhra pradesh, he led a movement for andhra pradesh in Vijayawada.
After the bifurcation of andhra pradesh in 2014, Uma was elected as a member of parliament for the second time from mylavaram in the first assembly election of Navyandra Pradesh. After the telugu desam party came to power in that election, she took charge of the water resources department in Chandrababu's cabinet and completed the Pattiseema and Purushottama Patnam lift projects in a very short period of time and gained national recognition.

In the 2019 elections, he was defeated by the ycp candidate. This time, as Uma mylavaram did not get the tdp ticket, the party appointed him as the coordinator of the vijayawada parliament and assembly Constituency. He handled those responsibilities with great sincerity. Uma is also one of the people who have supported the future of telugu desam party by being Chandrababu Naidu's right hand and adviser and taking many decisions while staying with telugu Desam Party.

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