Usually, the leader of a political party has a lot of loyalists who are loyal to that leader from the beginning to the end and do anything for them. Some leaders continue to be very fond of tdp leader and former ap cm Chandrababu. These senior leaders have been staying with Babu for decades. They have been providing invaluable support to him. bc Janarthan reddy is one such person. This leader did not leave Chandrababu even though the party was in a lot of trouble.

In the past five years, he faced many cases and faced many difficulties, but he was not afraid at all. He faced lots of police and courts in his career. Janardhan reddy went to jail and did a lot for the party. Being an ardent supporter, CBN also entrusted him with lots of responsibilities. This politician is from the kurnool district. In 2014, he successfully contested as an mla from Banaganapalle constituency. He did not only do good for Chandrababu but he also did a lot of good for the people of his constituency. He has also developed the constituency so much that people are blessing him.

Last time, people's support poured towards the ycp party like a flood.   Because of that, he lost to Katasani Ramireddy. bc janardhan reddy and Katasani Ramireddy are again contesting as mla candidates from Banaganapalle in the 2024 elections. If he wins this time, he will once again prove that he is a real asset to TDP. We need to wait and see if he keeps CBN's trust.

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