UNSC passes ceasefire proposal between Israel-Hamas war

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has supported the ceasefire proposal presented by the US and passed it. Its purpose is to stop the fighting between israel and Hamas in Gaza.

UNSC passes ceasefire proposal between Israel-Hamas war, Hamas welcomes it

The war between israel and Hamas has been going on for a long time. Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on monday approved a resolution introduced by the US for a ceasefire between israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. 14 votes have been cast in support of this proposal presented by the United States. Russia, a permanent member of the UNSC and having veto power, did not participate in the voting. Its purpose is to end the eight-month-long war between israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Hamas accepted the proposal

Hamas has welcomed the adoption of the proposal prepared by the US. The Palestinian group said in a statement that it is ready to cooperate with the mediators in implementing the principles of the plan. Hamas said that it is ready to hold indirect talks to implement the principles which are in line with their demands. Hamas has welcomed all those things included in the Security Council resolution, which includes many principles including a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, full withdrawal, exchange of prisoners, reconstruction, sending displaced people back to their residential areas and providing necessary assistance.'

Let us tell you that US President Joe Biden put forward this ceasefire proposal on 31 May. He described it as an Israeli initiative. In this proposal, a comprehensive ceasefire plan has been presented in three phases. The US said that israel has accepted the proposal, but some Israeli officials are against the ceasefire proposal and are calling for the war to continue until Hamas is completely destroyed and israel gains control over the entire Gaza Strip.

US proposal

Hamas has accepted the US proposal presented in the UNSC and has also welcomed the passing of the proposal. Hamas had earlier said that it views the proposal presented by President Biden in a 'positive' light. In this proposal, israel and Hamas have been asked to immediately accept the proposal without any delay and implement it without any conditions.

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