Modi trusts jaishankar again in foreign policy…

The Modi government has started functioning after swearing-in in its third term. In this government, the bjp has kept the key cabinet posts with itself, although many departments have also been given to allies. If we look at the top five ministries, those who were given the post in 2019 have been given a chance this time as well. They include amit shah, Rajnath Singh, and nirmala sitharaman etc. This time too, the command of the Ministry of External Affairs has been handed over to S jaishankar, that is, in the matter of foreign policies, the government has made it clear that the work will be done on the same path as their earlier methods.

Jaishankar and aggression will remain

S jaishankar is a good candidate for the Ministry of External Affairs. If we look at his career, he has worked as India's ambassador to china for many years. Tensions were also seen between the soldiers of india and china since the time of the Galwan Valley incident. The kind of determination that india showed at that time, it was clearly seen that india has a muscular and aggressive foreign policy.

When Modi came to power for the first time in 2014, the foreign policy that was made said that india will give priority to its neighbours. In 2014 also, the SAARC countries of South Asia were also invited to India. Similarly, on the basis of giving priority to the neighbour, this time also Moizzu i.e. the head of state of maldives and the head of state of seychelles were also invited. india has been accused that like America and china, india also tries to suppress everyone by playing the role of an elder brother. However, this is not the case at all. Keeping this in mind, inviting Moizzu is also a part of diplomacy. Not inviting china and pakistan is a good message. Both should know that if they create a dangerous situation for india and try to harm india, then they will not be invited. Recently, a bus full of pilgrims was attacked by terrorists in Jammu. In which more than ten pilgrims died while around 40 people were injured. Who are undergoing treatment. When such incidents happened in uri and Pulwama, india took steps to take revenge. There is some message hidden in the silence of the government after this incident, perhaps this is the silence before the storm.


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