Dominance of upper castes on the post of president…

In the swearing-in ceremony of the PM, 71 leaders including rajnath singh, amit shah, jp nadda also took oath as cabinet ministers. Now, after JP Nadda's joining the new government, bjp, which claims to be the world's largest party, is looking for a new president.

Veteran leaders like atal bihari vajpayee and lal krishna advani have occupied this post, so the biggest challenge for bjp is to give this post to such a face who can take the party further ahead. In this report, we know in detail how many presidents have been there in the bharatiya janata party since independence, which caste has dominated this post and how much these presidents have strengthened the party

After the establishment of bjp, 11 faces have been on the 14 president posts

The bharatiya janata party was earlier known as Bharatiya Jana Sangh and it was founded by Shyama prasad Mukherjee in the year 1951. After the formation of bjp in the year 1980, this party contested the first general election in the year 1984. At that time, this party got success on only two seats.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee was made the first president of BJP. He held this post from 1980-1986. Today this party is at such a position that it is claiming itself to be the largest party, so atal bihari vajpayee and lal krishna advani have played an important role behind this. After Atal, lal krishna advani became the president of BJP. He remained the president of the party from 1986 to 1991. Advani is not only a veteran leader of the bharatiya janata party but is also considered a strong pillar of this party. LK Advani is the same person who played an important role in laying the foundation of BJP. Not only this, LK Advani is the longest-serving president of BJP. He has served the country as an mp for a long time. After Advani, murli manohar joshi (1991-1993), Kushabhau Thakre (1998-2000), Bangaru Laxman (2000-2001), Jana krishnamurthy (2001-2002), venkaiah naidu (2002-2004), rajnath singh (2005-2009), nitin gadkari (2009-2013), amit shah (2014-2020) and jp nadda (2020-23) were made the president of the party.

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