When did the first signature trend start in politics?

- The first signature trend started with YSR.

- Yesterday Revant, yesterday Modi, now Chandrababu same route.

- Key leaders following the trend.

Recently, a new government was formed in ap, and chandrababu naidu was sworn in as the new chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. It should be said that all the other ministers in Chandrababu's cabinet also took oath on this same platform. It has become very interesting that chandrababu naidu is going to sign his first post after taking oath as Chief Minister. However, Chandrababu said that after coming to power during the election campaign, the first signature would be on Mega DSC.
 It should be said that after taking charge as cm, the first signature was done on Mega DSC. But not only Chandrababu, it is known that there is a lot of excitement about who is going to sign the first signature of the new chief minister in any state. But it is known that even after the swearing-in ceremony of prime minister Narendra Modi the other day, there is the same excitement among everyone. However, many people do not know when the first signature trend started.  If we look at the details, it seems that the trend of this first signature started with the late chief minister of andhra pradesh YS Rajasekhar reddy who took oath as the chief minister of ap on 14th May 2004 at LB Stadium. However, it was on the oath-taking platform that the farmers were first signed on the promise of free current. Since then the trend of this first signature has been going on. Earlier there was not as much craze as it is now. PM Kisan gave six guarantees when revanth took oath, and now Chandrababu signed Mega DSC when he took oath, and the craze for the first signature has increased.

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