Will the electoral chess be set up again in Amethi? 

One mistake of KL Sharma will open the doors again for Smriti Irani

Amethi lok sabha election Result 2024: This time in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh, Congress's unknown face Kishori Lal Sharma has created a stir by defeating former Union minister Smriti Irani.

Will the electoral chess be set up again in Amethi? One mistake of KL Sharma will open the doors again for Smriti Irani

Congress's Kishori Lal Sharma submitting nomination to DM Amethi for lok sabha elections 2024. The controversy has started on this nomination.

Amethi UP lok sabha election 2024: During the lok sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh, there has not been as much discussion about the BJP's loss in half the seats it won last time, as there has been about Smriti Irani's defeat in Amethi to an unknown face of the congress, Kishori Lal Sharma. But now the bjp may get a chance to win this lost battle again. In fact, the newly elected congress MP Kishori, popularly known as KL Sharma, has made a mistake that could pose a threat to his membership of Parliament. Although nothing has been said officially about this mistake yet, but the documents related to it are going viral on social media. dna does not confirm the authenticity of these documents, but if the claims related to these documents are true, then Kishori may face trouble and a by-election may be held in Amethi.

Has KL Sharma made a mistake in the nomination form?

Actually, the alleged nomination form of Kishori Lal Sharma is going viral on social media, which he had submitted to the election Officer of Amethi to contest the election. It is being claimed that Kishori has written in her nomination form to contest the election for the 17th lok sabha instead of the 18th Lok Sabha.

BJP has demanded an investigation

BJP has become active regarding this viral nomination form. According to the news of Zee news, the bjp district President has informed the top officials of the party and demanded an investigation. The bjp district President has also expressed doubts over the intentions of the district Magistrate of Amethi, who was the election officer who examined this nomination paper. So far the election commission has not said anything about this viral document, but if the bjp files an official complaint, then the election commission can also become active.

Kishori Lal Sharma won by a big margin

Amethi is considered to be the traditional stronghold of the gandhi family of congress, but in the year 2019, smriti irani created a stir by defeating rahul gandhi from here. This time rahul gandhi gave the ticket to a simple worker Kishori Lal Sharma from here in his place, but he has created a stir by defeating smriti irani, who won last time and became a Union minister, by a huge margin of 1.69 lakh votes.

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