Jagan jump to Bengaluru...after 10 years..?

In the andhra pradesh State assembly elections held recently, the ycp party suffered the worst defeat. The telugu Desam government is targeting and harassing the defeated party. The ycp is taking steps towards destroying the offices of the party by putting up notices wherever they are. But in this background, a shocking thing about Jaganmohan reddy has become viral on social media. In the wake of Chandrababu's government, Jaganmohan reddy has jumped to Bengaluru... Yellow media is promoting loudly.

Yellow media channels are reporting that jagan left for Bengaluru due to torture by his own ycp leaders. It is known that jagan Mohan reddy went to Pulivendu less than three days ago. On this occasion, jagan held a public darbar and met the people of Pulivendula. However... in this background, the yellow media spread the word that ycp activists and people of pulivendula attacked Jagan's house.

And now Jaganmohan reddy has gone to Bangalore because he could not bear the torture of the ycp leaders. During the Jaganmohan reddy government, there are reports that there have been differences in the bills related to the works undertaken by the pulivendula Area Development Agency. The ycp leaders are putting pressure on Jagan that the telugu Desam government has not released those bills. Some councilors and contractors are also there.

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