Will Mullapudi Bapiraju be the first in the nominated priority.!?

- Sacrifice of Sesha Rao's seat for minister Kandula.
- Bapiraju's key role in Gopalapuram's victory.
- Candidates of the alliance who have made sacrifices for the party.

Chandrababu is responsible for giving nominated positions to the leaders who have sacrificed their seats for the party for five years after the formation of the coalition government in AP. In this order, it is interesting to see what positions the leaders who worked hard for the party will get in the east godavari district. Mullapudi Bapiraju, who served as the chairman of the joint west godavari district ZP, former mla Boorugupalli Sesha Rao, who sacrificed the Nidadavolu seat as part of the alliance, and Boddu Venkata ramana Chaudhary, who gave up the Rajanagaram seat, are interested. Mullapudi Bapiraju has been playing a key role in the party for more than 20 years and has a strong following in Gopalapuram and Tadepalligudem constituencies as well as Metta region. Bapiraj, who worked as the chairman of ZP in the joint west godavari district and played a vital role in the development of the district, did not get the mla seat in the 2019 and 2024 elections.

Moreover, many key leaders of the party in the joint district are also likely to insist on giving a nominated post to Bapiraju this time. Such was the difficulty and expense of bapi Raju's party. bapi Raju also settled the gap with leadership before the elections very cleverly. Sesha Rao, who won the 2009 and 2014 elections, lost in 2019. This time, he has done a good job of convincing himself that he will definitely win the seat. However, due to calls from minister Kandula Durgesh rajahmundry Rural, Sesha Rao had to give up his seat. Being a senior mla who has won twice, he also needs to do justice to the party. Boddu Venkataramana Chaudhary is actually hoping for a peddapuram seat. Venkataramana Chaudhary was appointed as Rajanagaram in charge of Chinarajappa.

He worked well there and strengthened the party. As part of the alliance, that seat was sacrificed to the Jana Sena. Venkataramana did a lot of work in winning Battula Balaramakrishna, who contested on behalf of Jana Sena from Rajanagaram without any controversy, with a huge majority. In this regard, he was praised throughout the state. In east godavari district, being the key leaders of the telugu Desam party, these three have worked hard to win the candidates and candidates of the alliance who have made sacrifices for the party. Although these three are in the race for nominated posts, the fact that all three belong to the kamma community is a minus. But among these three, there is no doubt that Mullapudi Bapiraju will be the first in the nominated priority.

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