Washington sources stated that Donald Trump has compared Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Eva Perón, saying that though he first saw the New York congresswoman “ranting and raving like a lunatic on a street corner” and thinks “she knows nothing”, she has “a certain talent”. Meanwhile the president’s remarks are contained in American Carnage: On the Front Lines of the Republican Civil War, a book by Politico writer Tim Alberta that will be published on 16 July. The Guardian obtained a copy.

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Reportedly Ocasio-Cortex, 29 rose to stardom last year when she defeated a member of House leadership, Joe Crowley, in a primary in Queens. She has become a figurehead of opposition to Trump in the House and for her championing of progressive causes included. 


Moreover Trump has not previously made the comparison. But he did write in a 2004 book that his “favorite Broadway show is Evita by Andrew Lloyd Webber, starring Patti LuPone. I saw it six times, mostly with [his first wife] Ivana.” Further it may be Trump sees himself as a modern-day Evita. When speaking to ABC News in 2018, Amanda Eubanks Winkler, an associate professor of music history and culture at Syracuse University, drew direct comparisons.

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