How many crores for t20 world cup winning team...?

The information regarding the prize money for the team that wins the title of champion has been released. The t20 world cup tournament is held every two years and ICC will give prizes to the winning teams. In this new announcement, ICC will give a total prize of 5 million rupees this year, as announced by ICC. This is 45 crore 67 lakh rupees in indian Rupees. The t20 world cup winning team will be awarded prize money of USD 1.6 million. 13 Crores in indian Rupees. Six and a half crore rupees will be awarded to the losing team in the final match. The losing team in the semi-finals will be awarded prize money of Rs 3 crore 26 lakh each in indian currency. Similarly, the winning team of each Super 6 round will be awarded a prize of INR 32 lakhs each. Similarly, a consolation prize of Rs 57 lakh will be given to the team that exits the Super 4 round.Similarly, the team playing in the first round will be paid Rs 32 lakh each if they win each match. Similarly, a consolation prize of 32 lakh rupees will be given to each team that leaves the first round. The icc t20 world cup tournament will start on the 16th to the 13th of november in which a total of 16 teams will participate.In this situation, it has been alleged that the amount of prize money given to the Football world cup is less than that. For example, the ICC gives a total of 5.6 million rupees as prize money. But the prize money of 42 million rupees will be given for winning the title of champion in the world cup. The total prize money will be 440 million rupees. This has disappointed cricket fans.

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