Pakistan tour: 14 england players suddenly ill..!?

The england team, the champions of the 20-over world cup cricket tournament, is currently on a tour of Pakistan. The 3-Test series between the two teams will be played till december 21. pakistan and england played in the final of the t20 world cup series. england won the match by 5 wickets and became champions. The first Test match is scheduled to start at 10 am tomorrow in Rawalpindi. 16 england players have gone to participate in this tournament. 13 to 14 of them suddenly fell ill today. england players may have contracted a viral infection or developed a food allergy. Omar Meziane, the former chef of the england football team, is currently the chef of the england cricket team. He also went to pakistan with the england team. The food prepared by him is also being investigated.
Ailing players have been advised to stay in their hotel rooms.They are confined to their rooms to prevent the spread of the virus to others. england captain ben stokes and james Anderson are said to be infected with the virus. Joe Root was in poor health. However, he failed. Mark Wood will miss the first Test due to injury. The england Cricket Board spokesperson said that Covid 19 related virus has not affected england players. They expect the health of the players to improve within 24 hours. Due to this, tomorrow's Test match is likely to be postponed. Talks are being held with pakistan Cricket Board officials for this. They think that it's not a foodborne illness. england players have suffered from such ill health before.
 During the tour of south africa in 2019-20, he fell ill. Some england players left the stadium to use the toilet while the match was in progress. Meanwhile, they are monitoring the situation closely. Some of England's players have contracted the virus. They will engage in talks with the england Cricket Board, it said.

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