How much prize money for the team that wins World Cup..!?

The 4th cricket world cup will start in india in two weeks. The world cup series starts on 5th october and ends on 19th November. There will be a total of 10 teams, 45 league matches, 2 semi-final matches, and a final in the world cup series. 10 grounds have been specially prepared for this. All the 9 league matches that the indian team is going to play will be held at different stadiums. In their first match on october 8, Team india will face Australia. This will be held at Chennai's Chepakkam Stadium. After that, the indian team will play a match against the pakistan team at the ahmedabad Stadium on october 14.

In this situation, ticket sales for the world cup series started a few weeks ago. Similarly, the jersey to be worn by the indian team was also introduced. Likewise, all the teams are actively preparing for the world cup series. They have also announced the teams for the world cup series. In this situation, the prize money for the winning teams in the world cup series has been released. According to this, Rs.33.18 crores will be awarded to the team that wins the championship in the world cup series. Similarly, it has been announced that Rs.17.5 crore will be given to the losing team in the final and Rs.6.64 crore to the losing team in the semi-final. Also, it has been announced by the ICC that the 6 teams that will leave the group stage will be given Rs.83 lakh each. Apart from that, it has been announced by ICC that Rs 3.18 lakh will be given to the winning team in each league match. The details of the prize money announced by the ICC have surprised the fans.

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